You might be familiar with an old saying “No pain, no gain.”

While it is true that exercise can sometimes feel uncomfortable, it is important to remember that in general exercise should FEEL GOOD. You should leave your workout feeling energized, taller, relaxed and ready for the rest of your day. You SHOULD NOT feel broken, crumpled, spent or experiencing pain of any kind. 

While it is fun and healthy to push hard once in a while, you should not be giving 110% every time. And when you do go hard, the goal is to test your spirit without breaking your body. No workout should ever prevent you from working out again in a day or two.

So, I propose a different phrase to help recalibrate your training mindset: “No Pleasure, No Treasure”.

It feels good to work hard, to feel the muscles moving and the blood pumping, and the rewards from this feeling are innumerable. Chase that pleasurable feeling and you will be rewarded with the treasure of continued health.

In the end, exercise should lead to deeper enjoyment of life. That means exercising consistently without the hiccups of injury and recovery. Here at Spindle, we are committed to increasing your health and fitness for a lifetime. 

Yours in getting after it (pleasurably),