Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer classes?

No. We offer individualized exercise programs that match your body and goals. Although it is not uncommon to be training in a room full of fellow Spindle members (especially between 5-7pm), we believe that individualized programming and coaching are the best ways to ensure safety and achieve fitness goals.


What does my program look like?

Often, gyms promise a personalized plan and then provide you with a sheet of paper that has a couple workouts that you use for a while. We put A LOT more work into your experience than that. At Spindle, we design your program as if you are a one on one client. Every time you train, you pull up your program via our Spindle App and begin your workout, checking off each exercise as you complete it. Your program is designed based off of what you tell us you want and what we see you accomplish during your workouts. It evolves as you evolve.



We combine many styles of training. There is no one 'right way,’ so we embrace exercises from classic strength training, kettlebells, mobility work, bodyweight/TRX, and Original Strength among other influences. We also mix in a lot of metabolic components aimed at getting your heart pumping. Each program is based on the individual client so the training style will vary from member to member, but most people see a combination of these. We also have our way of putting our unique flavor into each workout.


Do I need to schedule sessions?

You do not! We are open Monday – Friday, 6am to 8pm (7pm on Fridays) and Saturdays 8am – 12pm at both our locations. Come in at whatever time works best for you that day. Our training staff is at the facility ready to train you whenever you show up. All you have to do is walk through the door!


Do I get individualized attention?

Absolutely! All of your exercises are designed to fit your body and goals. Your trainer is present to help you exercise safely and effectively through careful coaching and exercise modification if needed to address injury, discomfort or fatigue.


Can I come in and do something other than my program?

Yes and no! We have a rotating metabolic workout that you can use for conditioning on your “off days.” This is our version of cardio and  these workouts are meant to be between 20 and 40 minutes of hard work. While we always work with you to adapt your program to your desires, we do not offer an “open gym” where you can come in and do whatever you want. Everything being done at Spindle is under our guidance and coaching.


How long are the programs?

Up to you! We work with you to determine what is best for your personality, goals and schedule. Most people typically like a 45-55min program, some like one longer and two shorter per week, some only want 30min sessions. Whatever you decide, we will make sure every minute counts.


How many times a week should I train?

Up to you! We encourage people to train 2-3 times per week as this serves as a good base to achieve your health and fitness goals. Our average member trains 2 times per week, but we encourage you to come as often as you can!


Why don't we wear shoes?

Training barefoot allows for optimal movement mechanics, thereby decreasing your risk of injury and increasing your overall strength and stability. It also allows us to compete for the title of coolest, craziest sock wearer and keeps our facility nice and clean for all of the ground movement that we do.


Will you ever open on Sundays?

Not in the immediate future, but we’ll never say never.