These are the hosts of the Training party here at Spindle. We value quality in education, coaching ability and having a great time!


Name: Jeff Shapiro, Founder

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Guilty Pleasure: I take a life time out for every Green Bay Packers game. I also really love to catch a movie on a weekday afternoon when I can.

Fitness Cred: B.S. Kinesiology from University of Colorado, CSCS, SFG, FMS 1&2 and a lot of other educational workshops.

Favorite Thing About Spindle: Getting to know so many great human beings and watching them get stronger physically & mentally.

Quick FIT TIP: Just show up. Whether you are coming to our facilities or working at home, just show up.


Name: Christine O'Hagan, Partner, Director of Fitness

Hometown: Deerfield, IL

Guilty Pleasure: Not leaving the house and binging my favorite Netflix series

Fitness Cred: NSCA-CPT, Strong First Kettlebell Level 1, Strength Matters Kettlebell Level 1, Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master, Champion of the Tactical Strength Challenge Open Division

Favorite Thing About Spindle: When veteran members and newer members create bonds that expand much outside of Spindle and keep everyone motivated to keep coming back.

Quick FIT TIP: Real success comes when you look at your Fitness and Nutrition like a lifelong journey rather than a destination


Name: Leah Will, Partner, Director of Operations

Hometown: Haslett, MI

Guilty Pleasure: A nice glass of wine

Fitness Cred: American Council on Exucation Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Movement Systems certified, pre and post-natal training certified, professional figure skater, Michigan State University

Favorite Thing About Spindle: The people and community!

Quick FIT TIP: Squeeze your glutes!


Name: Brandt DeVries

Hometown: Deerfield, IL

Guilty Pleasure: Oreos, Fast and the Furious Movies, and Kelley Clarkson. Not necessarily always in that order.

Fitness Cred: NASM Certified. CPR/AED Certified. Karaoke Instructor (in progress)

Favorite Thing About Spindle: Witnessing the evolution of everybody's individual brand of awesome.

Quick FIT TIP: Bicep curls? Only if you walk everyday on your hands. #squats #deadlifts


Name: Kanomé Jones

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas by way of Tacoma, Washington (the state)

Guilty Pleasure: Gilmore Girls and Golden Girls and Flammin' Hot Cheetos

Fitness Cred: NASM - Certified; past group fitness instructor for formats including step aerobics and Turbokick

Favorite Thing About Spindle: I have to pick one? Let's see - the learning. I learn new things about fitness from my co-workers and new things about life from the members. It's fantastic. I feel so well rounded as an individual.

Quick FIT TIP: Do some deep breathing every day. Two minutes. Only good things will happen.


Name: Everton Davidson

Hometown: Jackson, MI

Guilty Pleasure: Starburst's my life. I do what I want.

Fitness Cred: Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. ACE certified Personal Trainer

Favorite Thing About Spindle: Members.

Quick FIT TIP: Stop whining.


Name: Kathryn Lehner

Hometown: Evanston, IL

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate chip cookies

Fitness Cred: NASM CPT, SFG, TRX, GFM, YTU, 6 years experience

Favorite Thing About Spindle: The members and awesome community!

Quick FIT TIP: Keep your core tight and your butt strong!


Name: Lirjon Fisniku

Hometown: Elmwood Park, IL

Guilty Pleasure: Romantic comedies

Fitness Cred: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, EXOS Fitness Specialist

Favorite Thing About Spindle: Our members—you are the heart of Spindle.

Quick FIT TIP: Be consistent and resilient in exercising, nutrition, mentality, and recovery. Without consistency in working towards even small goals and actions, then all of the bells and whistles won't matter because you first have to change your habits and be consistent with the changes before ever getting to the nuances.