Hi Spindlers!

We have our first post of a series that will cover an important topic: your goal. This series will include posts about typical goals shared by many Spindle members. While some of the posts may not cover your top priority, we are certain that the tips included will help you accomplish more with your training.

Today’s goal: 

This here is Jack. Jack is checking off his goal because he kicked ass!   

This here is Jack. Jack is checking off his goal because he kicked ass!


Improving Movement Quality


Focus on your warmups/cool downs! We carefully choose exercises to prepare the body for exercise by working out any kinks you may have accumulated since your last training session. Take the time to do them well.

* Get Tall! Shoot your head to the sky, drive your feet into the ground, let your shoulders fall away from your ears, and organize your core. Try this experiment: place the thumb of your right hand, palm down, in your solar plexus (the little notch in your ribcage just beneath your sternum). Place your left thumb, palm down, on your pubic bone (about 2-4 inches below your belly button). Are your hands parallel? If not, straighten up! Now tighten your abs to about 20% of total tension, enough to resist a light slap. BAM! Now you have an organized core, which will transmit force more efficiently and help protect your lower back. 

* Breathe! In and out your nose. Inflating your belly, not your chest. Diaphragmatic or belly breathing, especially while maintaining an organized core, will help get the body the oxygen it needs as well as allowing the shoulders to relax away form the ears. 

Yours in movement,