Everton, AKA E$, Bevvers, and Cleverton among other names, has been with Spindle for more than two years. He wanted to become a personal trainer because “it gave me the opportunity to do what I do best and that’s give people a hard time.” And if you know Everton, that perfectly sums him up.


Get to know him below. And get to know him even better by joining us at Spindle.


What’s your favorite thing about Spindle?

Spindle was exactly what I was looking in a personal training position. First, it’s a learning environment, which is huge for me. Our superiors, Jeff, Christine, and Leah, have been in the industry for years now. So, coming into this position, I was able to learn how to be a trainer rather than my past experiences where I wasn’t really taught how to train and it was about being a sales person. Our philosophy at Spindle is centered around functional training, and I value that in fitness. But my other favorite thing is the relationships we build with members here: Being part of their fitness journey and assisting their progression. We have the best members, and I look forward to coming to work every day.


Why did you come up with the appetizer/dessert trend?

I thought it was funny to think of our programs as a meal you may have. You have your warm-up, which is basically preheating the oven. Now that you’re out of the oven, you have your starter, which I decided to call the appetizer. After that, you’ve got your circuits or bigger, heavier lifts, which are the main course. And then you get a little dessert at the end, which is your finisher. Not every meal needs to have an appetizer and a dessert, but at Spindle, they often have one or the other.


What do you keep in mind when you’re doing a new program either for a new member or a new month for a seasoned member?

For a new person, I’m looking at what they’re capable of from the information we gathered from their assessment in the first three programs. I look at mobility, strengths, balance, as well as what they want and their goals.

For a longer term member, I already have an idea about what their goals are and their abilities. So, it’s more about progressing what they did in the prior month, along with if they have any new goals for the coming months.


Favorite appetizer? Main course? Dessert?

Appetizer: I like Bruschetta.

For warm ups I like T-spine rotations, because you get a nice back crack. Check out E$'s video series on foam rolling the upper body too!

I’ve got a pair that have a combo of stripes and polka dots, which lets people know I’ve got some razzle dazzle.


Main course: I like circuits where an exercise will run immediately into another one. For example, goblet clean that can go into a goblet squat into a goblet hold.

Dessert: Rope-a=dope — you start with alternate battle ropes into double battle ropes, and then finish with battle rope slams.


Favorite playlist?

E$ Hits (Spotify: spindlefitness)


How do you motivate your clients?

Tell them to shut up and do it (haha.) I actually give inspirational quotes like, ‘Use the Force.’ And I often ask them why they’re here — that usually gets people going.


Favorite #spindlesocks:

I’ve got a pair that have a combo of stripes and polka dots, which lets people know I’ve got some razzle dazzle.

How do you motivate yourself to workout when you’re motivating other people?

I just think about the fact that I need to preserve my sexy. I can’t let it go to waste.