Spindle is a place where everyone has a program designed and progressed for their body, mindset and goals. Let's take you through the journey of one of our founding members, Michael.

Michael is an A+ student here at Spindle and his motivation, attention to detail and consistency have brought him a serious transformation. 


We are not a company that uses fake lighting to try to show results that may or may not have happened. These are real photos from Michael!

We are not a company that uses fake lighting to try to show results that may or may not have happened. These are real photos from Michael!

Michael started his journey with these baseline numbers:


Weight: 211.7lbs,  Lean Mass: 38.0lbs,  Body Fat Mass: 71.2lbs (all data pulled from our InBody, a tool we use to track changes in composition).

This stat line left him with an overall body fat percentage of 33.6%

While numbers are not the focal point of our coaching, they do help keep people accountable and keep the conversations honest.


Let's look at a few of Michael's main movements from month 1 to month 12 of his program.

Squats - In month 1, Michael was doing goblet squats in a rep range of 8-10 at a weight range of 8kg - 12kg (18-26lbs) with our kettlebells. By month 12, Michael's goblet squat was at or above 20kg (44lbs) and he was adding complexity with movements like double racked squats and heartbeat goblet squat.

Deadlifts - Michaels deadlift increased from a kettlebell deadlift at 12kg - 14kg (26lbs - 31lbs) (month 1) while learning the movement to a hex bar deadlift at 155lbs for the same amount of reps!

Pull Ups / Chin Ups - We began Michael's journey to Pull Ups in Month 3 with TRX Pull Ups for a max amount of reps (at the time, 3). In Month 5, we moved him to the bar for pull ups and chin ups with varying degrees of help through bands. He hit his first bodyweight chin up in Month 9! By Month 12, he was doing sets of 3.

Michael's final numbers after his first year at Spindle:


Weight: 179.5lbs

Lean Mass: 38.9lbs

Fat Mass: 35.7lbs

His body fat went from 33.6% to 19.9% and he lost over 30lbs while increasing his muscle mass (that is a loss of 35lbs of pure fat!!!)



We are obviously SUPER proud of Michael and all of his accomplishments during his first year at Spindle (#gonghitz). Michael has been training at minimum 3x per week (usually 4-5 times) and always brings a fun personality with him to the facility. 

Q & A with Michael:

What is the hardest exercise or combination for you?

Honestly I think any exercise that completely isolates your core, i.e. TRX Saw's, are really the toughest to get through since 90% of the time you core is supporting you in everything else you do.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I would have to say the amount my body fat has been reduced. Its such a good feeling to be in a normal range. In a very close second it has to be the how drastically the shape of my body has changed and I look forward to the continued sculpting that Leah and I will accomplish together through my programs

What is the most important thing you have learned during your first year at Spindle?

Form. It definitely can't be stressed enough. It has really made me learn how my body is supposed to react not only to exercises but everyday activities like bringing the groceries in from the car.

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