The Rules of The Spindle Wizard Cup


Participants must enroll in either the member or non member category. After enrollment, the sorting questionnaire will be sent to the individual to be entered into the house sorting machine. Each wizard will be assigned to the house that fits them the best - our goal is to create even houses. The houses are:

  • House HufflePullups

  • House GriffenGetups

  • House SlytherSwings

  • House RavenCrawls

Each house will have a leader (one of the Spindle trainers) to keep everyone motivated and on top of the weekly challenges. If you’d like to be in a house with a friend, please indicate on the sorting questionnaire. We will do our best but know that we are also trying to keep things friendly and competitive!


Wizards can score points in numerous ways. Here is an initial list of values

  • 20 points awarded for every training sessions completed within goals set, 10 points awarded to sessions completed in excess of goals set

  • 10 points deducted for every training session incomplete within goals set

  • 5 points awarded for House Spirit, awarded by Spindle Staff (wearing Spindle gear, social media shares and check ins.

  • 50 points to the House that wins each house challenge

  • 20 points awarded to the top individual in each house challenge

  • 3 point per pound gained/lost based on goals

  • 5 points for every %BF lost

Miscellaneous points can be awarded by any member of the Spindle Staff throughout the tournament

What Else?

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