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We are excited to announce the first ever Spindle Wizard Cup!

January 21st - March 2nd, 2019

Help your house achieve the highest point total and win the ultimate prize of being a Wizard Cup Champion!


What is the wizard cup?

The Spindle Wizard Cup is a six week training challenge designed to help folks stay accountable and meet new goals as the year begins. The competition will involve opportunities for both the individual and the group to earn points through various challenges and motivate one another throughout.

Each individual will be assigned to a group (House) based on our sorting master. Each House will score points based on a variety of accomplishments (listed below). The Spindle team will be responsible for awarding points and will update the scores daily. The House scores will be available to view online and individual scores will be posted at the facility. The House with the most points at the end of the tournament wins!

Ways to score points:

-Completion of Weekly Training Sessions - Will account for MOST OF THE POINTS

-Weekly House Fitness Challenges

-Individual accomplishments like first push up, pull up or a personal record

-House Spirit (such as wearing Spindle gear)

-Physical results (based on individual goals that are set)

Important Note - We believe that process goals are what makes the magic happen, which is why most of the points will be earned by showing up and completing your training sessions. Those session goals will be set by you before the competition begins and the Spindle team will help you stay accountable.

The Spindle Wizard Cup is appropriate and fun for every fitness level!

When is The Spindle Wizard Cup:

The official first day will be January 21st and will run until March 2nd.

If you’d like more detail on the rules, hit the link below.


Members - $25

Members can enroll in The Spindle Wizard Cup for $25. Hit the link below, sign up and we’ll begin the sorting process!

Non members

We have two options for non members to enjoy the competition:

Standard Wizard Cup - $399

Includes training designed for 2 personal training sessions per week and access for one extra visit for metabolic or mobolic training weekly

Unlimited Wizard Cup - $449

Includes training designed for 3 personal training sessions per week with unlimited access for metabolic and mobolic training

For more information, please ask us at Spindle or email us at or check out the rules page here!