We are incredibly proud of the team we have leading our community to a stronger, healthier life. We love to be the hosts of the party at our facility and look forward to meeting YOU!

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Partner | Director of Fitness

Inspired by her trainers throughout her swimming career at The University of Iowa, Christine has had a very successful career thus far in the fitness industry. Christine's role as Director of Fitness focuses on creating new ways to provide a better product for our members as well as ensuring the most up to date education for the Spindle Staff. She created and administers Spindle's own nutrition program and also does some private training and programming.

Contact: christine@spindlefitness.com



Partner | Director of Operations

Leah's spent her youth training and competing in figure skating. She took this with her to college at Michigan State and then went on to skate professionally. She spent a large portion of her life working with trainers, so it was an easy transition to becoming one herself. She has worked with a wide range of clientele in her career, from youth athletes to older populations, and everything in between. Leah is excited to be a Master Programmer and Partner at Spindle so she can deliver our unmatched product to more people than she could reach if she was doing one on one training.

Contact: leah@spindlefitness.com



After eight years in management roles at bigger fitness facilities in Chicago, Jeff created Spindle to deliver an innovative service that pushes the industry into a technologically enabled future. While he serves as a Master Programmer and Technician, Jeff's primary focus is on creating more value and a better experience for current and future Spindle members. Outside of the business, Jeff has one focus - his family including his wife Daniela, son Marcus, and daughter Mia.

Contact: jeff@spindlefitness.com


Expert Technicians


Kelley Ryan

Brandt DeVries

Everton Davidson

Ray Yagloski

Nick Loumos


Kanome Jones