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Fitness today revolves around classes designed no one in particular. Your body and goals are different, so you should be progressing on a plan designed specifically for you! Now, with Spindle, you can!



Expert trainers design your constantly progressing program.


Use our facilities when YOU want, no need to schedule classes or training sessions


Take your program wherever you want - we use an app to deliver the value directly to you


Get started with our 15 day kickstart today!


Spindle operates on four basic pillars: Individualized Programming, Expert Coaching, Flexibility, and Community. We craft your individualized fitness programs and consistently re-calibrate them as we learn more about you and see you progress. We load your Spindle App so you can access and execute your workouts at the convenience of your schedule and location. There is a trainer working with you and a great community to enjoy in our facilities. 

We are a fun and focused community. We want you to be a part of it!