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Monday October 2nd will be the beginning of the Spindle Nutrition program. Before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about what you can expect from this program. 

Good and long-lasting habits are formed over time with lots of practice. A golfer who wants to fix his/her swing needs to have hundreds of repetitions with the new technique before his body eventually forgets the old way and the new way becomes more of an unconscious action. The same goes for nutrition habits. Likely you have been eating a certain way for most of your life. You may have tried "diets" that were a specific duration and perhaps had great results initially, but they didn't stick. This is because you were following and executing a plan, not developing habits.

This program is going to be different than "dieting". Our goal is to take slow, calculated steps, and keep practicing those steps until your mind thinks that this is the new "normal". This is the only way to develop long-lasting changes in your body and mind. 

Along the way if you feel like you need to be doing more, more, more, look back to this introduction and remember why you are doing this and trust that the process will get you there! You will also only be able to have access to the current day's lesson and the prior lessons to help you stay present!

We will see you back here soon for the start of the program!