I love being busy. I have several interests and I like to do them at the same time. When I got to college, I threw myself into all these different clubs and student leadership positions because 1) that’s how you make friends and 2) that’s how you become the “well rounded” person that college is supposed to make you!  I was constantly running around - hunger and sleep were never a good reason for me to stop. All of that came to a crashing halt when I passed out after donating blood.  On paper, I looked fine but internally, my body was so weak that it couldn’t even spare a pint of blood.  That momentary lack of control was scary enough for me to know that things needed to change..

Accountability was the first step. I asked my closest friends to simply check in with me as to whether or not I ate food that day and, if not, (gently) drag me down to the cafeteria with them. I also dropped a few of those activities, focusing only on the ones that I truly enjoyed.  I then joined a gym and started taking yoga classes, so 1) I could learn to chill out and 2) I could have that time to check in with myself and my body each week.

Ensuring that I took care of myself  became a huge priority in my life and still is.  Sometimes, I take too good care of myself (which means I don’t get other things done haha). Exercise for me is my daily check-in and, if something is out of balance, I take more immediate steps to correct it. I like my busy life and I like feeling strong and energized enough to fully experience every moment of it.