Staying in shape was fairly easy for me until I grew up had kids. After my son was born six years ago, I went through a period of minimal exercise and went from being an athlete to a fairly sedentary life. I was not sleeping very well and my body began to age at a faster rate than ever before.

I decided at some point that I needed help with accountability, motivation and expertise. I wasn’t the athlete I used to be and wasn’t sure how to ease myself back into training without hurting myself. I decided to work with a trainer for guidance and committed to showing up at least two times a week. A big part of it for me was that I didn’t want to have to think about what to do.

After several months of consistent training, my body began to show its resilience. I was feeling stronger, walking around with more confidence and I was sleeping through the night. I actually started to get excited to train again and two times a week turned into three or four. I was seeing the progress and enjoying the camaraderie at my gym and, looking back, I am so happy I took that first step and committed to showing up. Now I am a strong dad that wrestles around and acts crazy with my kids.