I never really took fitness seriously until college.  I played some high school sports, but that was more for the social aspect and did little to make up for my terrible eating habits.  Then, in college, I remember when my roommate first asked me to join him on one of his runs.  We ran five miles, much further than I had ever run before.  I had to stop multiple times - I felt sick at the end and I was sore for days afterwards.  But I had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment- it felt so good to push the limits of my body!


Since then, I have run several long races, including a Tough Mudder course and a half marathon.  These races are especially great when I get to train with my friends.  I also have a regular workout routine that I do when I am not training for races.  I’ve come to love improving my fitness, not only because it feels good to be in shape, but also because of the countless side-effects that have improved my overall life.  My posture has improved.  My mood is better.  I sleep better.  I think twice before eating that extra dessert but only because I know how hard I worked to burn it off last time. Now, of course, while there are still days where I just don’t feel like getting out there and doing the work, I love being in the habit of exercising and hope to continue it for a very long time.