Until I graduated college, for me, exercise was only a means of becoming a better competitive swimmer. I had absolutely no idea how to exercise without my teammates and without an athletic goal. Acting like an over-confident jock capable of anything, I started a running program and quickly gave myself many injuries from doing too much too fast. I needed to learn how to exercise for health like a normal human being and I didn’t know where to start.

To start off, I hired a trainer at the gym I worked at. He helped keep me accountable in my session appointments and I didn’t have to think about how to exercise. I just did what was asked of me which I already knew how to do from my team sports background! He got me back in a routine and then started writing workouts for me that I could execute them on my own.

I have continued having trainers program my workouts for me and have achieved some great things, including winning a world-wide fitness competition a few years ago. It’s awesome to be able to continue to evolve as an exerciser even if I do not have a particular fitness goal. It just feels great!