My whole life, I’ve been an active person. I’ve tried every kind of workout there is - yoga, pilates, barre, spinning, (pretty much every studio in the Chicagoland Classpass area). Though these workouts left me sweaty and drained, I didn’t see any tangible results despite exercising for years. Additionally, these workouts and studios felt impersonal and made it challenging to pursue individual fitness goals. I wanted the guidance of a professional who I could talk to and who could develop a program for me that was geared towards my success. 
My friend told me about Spindle Fitness and I signed up for a membership. My trainers were constantly open to any feedback I gave and my programmer heard from me A LOT (lol, Christine, sorry!). It felt good that I could openly tell her what I needed and wanted while also listening to her rationale behind her workout plan for me. Aside from purely aesthetic goals (re: vain), my two biggest goals were to do one bodyweight chin up and gain more familiarity with kettlebells. Two big mental hurdles I had to overcome, though, were the myths that lifting heavy weights will bulk women up and that diet doesn’t really matter. I needed to have faith that exercising with heavier weight would get me the results I wanted and I had to get honest with myself about my eating habits. 16 months later, I can confidently say that I am not an ounce bulkier than when I began and there are enormous differences in my physical appearance because of clean eating and less sugar (my biggest vice)
Now, I can do five bodyweight chin-ups, three bodyweight pull ups, and a 220lb max deadlift! I have made huge strides in my kettlebell work, now regularly performing swings, snatches, turkish get-ups, and squats with various weights. I honestly just feel good - I finally found workouts that are challenging, results-oriented, and fun!

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