When I was younger, I led a pretty active life. I was the oldest of five children and played sports all throughout high school and college. Shortly after, I started working my first job and let sports fall away a bit, all while smoking two packs of Camels a day. When I was 21, my father died of a massive heart attack. I also learned, during that time, that two of my father’s siblings had also died of heart attacks at young ages. It was a huge wakeup call for me. From then on, I knew I had to change. I made a commitment to stop smoking and regain my active lifestyle.

Decades passed and I stuck to my commitment of maintaining a happy, healthy life. Then, at age 70, I was diagnosed with cancer. Four months of intensive chemotherapy crushed my resilience and I knew that I needed help, both mentally and physically, to get back into shape.  I found a trainer that gave me a personalized, physical therapy approach to my workouts.  We started with simple functional actions like crawling forwards and backwards, eventually advancing to more rigorous activity that added strength and balance.

I progressed rapidly and, now, two years after remission, I am fit, healthy, and actively engaged with my children and grandchildren. I have shifted from the routine of treadmills and ellipticals to doing functional exercises that have eliminated most of the normal aches and pains of aging.  My life is full, vibrant and healthy and I’m enjoying every moment of it.