Where to begin when it comes to eating...

With so much information floating around about the best way to lose weight (or fat), it can be really difficult to find the right answers without your entire life being consumed by “following the rules." 


The truth is that you don’t need a completely outlined nutrition program to be successful, all you need is to build the right habits!


Spindle’s nutrition program sets you up for success not only in the short term, but is sustainable so that you can continue to live a healthy life long after the initial program is over. We will teach you good eating habits, slowly, over the course of three months so that you are not bombarded with information and can take the time you need to integrate the new skills into your routine.


Long lasting habits are not formed overnight and trying too many things at once won’t allow you to be proficient at any of them.


How do we do it at Spindle?


  • Daily readings and habit check-offs (just like your Spindle training plan) will help keep you accountable


  • A community of other individuals also trying to achieve fat loss to share the experience with to keep you motivated and inspired


  • A nutrition expert to help guide the group and answer questions along the way


Join nutrition expert Christine for this 3 month program at 3 monthly payments of $95 or a one-time payment of $250 added to your Spindle membership.


For more information or to enroll, contact Christine Kuczek at christine@spindlefitness.com