We believe that systematic progression, high quality coaching and the empowerment of each individual will bring our entire community consistent results. Spindle is a different business model that harnesses technology to bring the value of one on one training into a community focused facility. 

Spindle operates on four basic pillars: Individualized Programming, Expert Coaching, Flexibility, and Community. We craft your individualized fitness programs and consistently re-calibrate them as we learn more about you and see you progress. We load your Spindle App so you can access and execute your workouts at the convenience of your schedule and location. There is a trainer working with you and a great community to enjoy in our facilities.

We are a fun and focused community. We want you to be a part of it!

Want to learn more about us? Check out our team page or our Frequently Asked Questions.


The Spindle System is not personal training. It is not group fitness or club membership either. Here’s how it works.


We develop individualized programs for all of our clients. Our Master Programmers are experienced fitness professionals who will design and periodically realign your programs based on your goals and progression. They bring in extensive programming hours, creative thinking, and innovation capability through industry leadership and continual education. Each client benefits from the knowledge of not only one expert trainer, but a group of highly skilled professionals.

For each and every one of our clients, our Master Programmers will create 12 sessions every month that are loaded into your Spindle App.  Your evolution is assessed through feedback, measurement, and data analysis.

We ingeniously combine the art, the science and the human touch necessary to deliver effective, challenging and evolving programs. And we do so using a scalable and sustainable model which allows us to help more people without compromising quality.


The Spindle App serves two main purposes. Flexibility: allowing you to take your programs with you so you can workout whenever and wherever convenient; and Accountability: allowing you to track your individual and comparative progress. While we strive to continue to improve our mobile application, it already provides very helpful control tools.

We work hard behind the scenes so you can be efficient with your training time. Whether you use our facility, hotel gyms, or your home space, Spindle is the brainpower you need to get the results you want.


Our Expert Technicians are professional trainers who are on-site during our hours of operations to ensure you receive an unprecedented coaching experience. They work hand-in-hand with our Master Programmers to help our clients excel on execution. Further, they help create the great community we are becoming known for. Come see us in action!