Our new format for kettlebell Education!


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With a maximum of 6 participants, we will create an environment focused on educating trainees on the core movements of kettlebell training. This series is great for people who are brand new to kettlebell training or individuals looking to hone their skills. You can participate in the entire 4 session series OR you can pick the workshop of your choice!

This group training program is for members & non members. We hope to see you there!


The Details


Our first 4 week session begins the week of April 17th

Session 1: Kettlebell Swing (April 17th & 20th)
Session 2: Turkish Get Ups (April 24th & 27th)
Session 3: Grinds (Squats, Presses & More) (May 1st & 4th)
Session 4: Cleans and Snatches (May 8th & 11th)


We are offering classes on the following days/times:

MONDAYS at 10:30AM



The damage

Full 4 session series -  $124 ($99 for Spindle members)

Single session (pre-registered) - $40 ($30 for Spindle members)