Spindle Fitness


Spindle Fitness


Personalized Progression based exercise

Each day is planned specifically for you by an experienced coach. The plan is in your hands to execute wherever, whenever.

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Attentive coaching and guidance

Hands on coaching with a trainer who truly cares about you every session. 

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Training on your schedule, not ours

You never need to schedule a session. Come in and train whenever fits your schedule.


All of this offered within a fun and focused community!

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Soooo good. I’ve been struggling to get on track for over a year and figure out what my routine is missing. It’s been missing Spindle.
— Sharday, Yelp
I love having a workout that’s custom for me, but I don’t have to think about! I just follow along with whatever is in my app for the day. The client/staff ratio is also small enough that you get plenty of oversight and hands on help with your workouts.

Overall, we’re very happy with Spindle!
— Nikki, Yelp
You can show up whenever you want, no scheduling required and you always have an expert trainer available to guide you through your custom built program. The people are awesome and the other Spindle members make it feel like you know everyone. I actually look forward to going!
— - Carrie, Yelp