The last two days, we’ve talked about being realistic about the rate at which results can occur. Another thing that tends to derail individuals is daily weigh-ins. Our bodies are absolutely going to fluctuate from day to day and week to week. Often, this is because of our body water levels. If we are retaining a lot of water, of course, we're going to be heavier. When we are dehydrated, we will have less body water causing that absolute number on the scale to fluctuate.

If you are somebody who weighs yourself daily and you see that you are two pounds heavier today than you were yesterday, that can be very discouraging. I would encourage you all to weigh yourself no more frequently than once per week because I don't want you to get discouraged when your body weight fluctuates. If you are somebody who needs that consistency in order to stay on track, I would encourage you to look for trends in your body weight rather than day to day. Determine what your heavy days are and what your lighter days are and look for an overall decline in that body weight over time. Tracking these things might be helpful and if you need help seeing how this can happen, I'd be happy to show anybody my body weight fluctuations over time!