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Holidays can be very similar to vacations when it comes to nutrition. Often, there are a lot of foods that we really enjoy during those times that are not around on a regular basis. It’s hard to avoid those things altogether, but we can still enjoy ourselves and not derail our goals.

Let's say there is a cake that is only made once a year for a holiday. In past years, you might've had one slice on the day it was served and kept eating one slice on sequential days afterwards. Don't deprive yourself from that cake that you only get once a year! Rather, take smaller slices if you would prefer to have a piece of cake with the same frequency or choose to only have it on that day and throw the rest away, so it's not tempting you. It's very important that you enjoy yourself around holidays, but again, think of things in terms of maintenance not progression or regression.

Today, think about some of the holidays that are coming up and how they might derail you from your goals. If we prepare for these things in advance, then we are more likely to tackle and execute them properly!