One of the things that often falls in the “life happens” category are vacations. It is easy to say, "Fuck it, I have no control over what I eat or drink because I'm on vacation!” My suggestion for all those I coach with regards to nutrition on vacation is to simply maintain where you are versus trying to further your goal. By this I mean, don't expect to lose weight while on vacation, but rather try to maintain your weight. Same goes for exercise - don't try to get stronger while you are on vacation, but try to maintain your strength so that you come back in the same condition that you left. It is much easier to get back on track after vacation if you are where you started before you left versus taking two steps backwards. You can do this by working on portion control, limiting your beverages, and simply being more aware. But it's important to still enjoy your vacation and not limit yourself so much so that your vacation is not a vacation at all!

Today, think about your lifestyle while you're on vacation. What are some realistic things you can do to keep the focus on maintenance versus regression or progression? This can be one of the most valuable things you consider when thinking about long-term goals.