We talked last week about how we can make better choices when we are not in complete control. We used the example of choosing either drink or food when neither are desirable options. This is an excellent mindset to keep; however, it is inevitable that there will be completely bad situations where you are unable to make the choices you would like to make. In these cases, we need to make due in the bad situations. An example of this is a time when someone I knew, who was maintaining good nutritional lifestyle changes, ended up at a Superbowl party.  There was nothing but pizza, fried food and unhealthy hors d'oeuvres. She made the choice not to drink - which was great because she was choosing food or drink like we talked about. She also made the best of the food that was available to her - she took the meat off of her pizza, blotted the grease off, and left the crust. Yesterday, we talked about the “fuck it” attitude, which would've meant drinking and eating the pizza as is. But she made the decision to alter the food that was available and that choice might get her closer to achieving her goals!

Today, think about some potentially bad situations or bad foods that might often be available to you. How can you make that less desirable food more in line with your goals?