We talked a couple of weeks ago about social support that you might or might not have in your life. Like we talked about on Monday, hopefully you've had some of those conversations and you are feeling more supported by your friends and loved ones.

Today, take an extra look at the support around you. Think of ways that you might be able to help those individuals support you versus relying on them to come up with ways on their own. Since it is not their own goal, it will most likely not be in the forefront of their minds. For example, you are going out to dinner with some of your friends and no one has yet decided where you are going to go. Be the first one to make a suggestion of a place where you know you can have a meal that you will enjoy and is in line with your goals. Hopefully (because you've had those conversations with your friends) they will accept your healthy suggestion without hesitation. In this way, you have indirectly asked for their support and given them the opportunity to help you.

Think of some ways that we can help our friends be supportive of our goals. Write them down and, the next time you're in social situations, remember that we might need to remind and have our friends help us. We are in control of our own goals and, therefore, will need to ask for support instead of simply hoping that those around us will remember to give it to us.