I hope you’ve been enjoying this first week of the course! Remember, this week has been all about bringing awareness to everything that surrounds your eating habits. So, if it feels like you haven't made any change yet, take it easy on yourself. I haven't instructed you to do that yet!

What is vital as you continue through this course is that you are actually ready to make some changes to your lifestyle. Change in any capacity is never easy. Some of these behaviors may have been with you for your entire life, and it's going to take more than three months to break them or replace them with new behaviors. Try not to get frustrated or to give up.

Today, take some time to reflect on your readiness to change your nutrition behaviors. It’s important to approach each day with intention, and, so, you should really explore and see if you are truly ready to make some changes to your behaviors. However, if you find that you’re not in this place, do not judge yourself for that, but rather, reflect on what you need to do to get yourself to that place to continue this course.

I will see you tomorrow for some more reflection!