We talked last week about beverages and the hidden calories that can be in them. One of the ways that we can be more in control when we go out to eat is to choose either food or drink. For example, if you go out to a pizza parlor for dinner, choose to have a beer/soft drink and a salad OR pizza and water. Just because you don't have control over where you are going for that meal, doesn't mean you can't make the best of that situation. Next week, we will talk about the attitude of throwing in the towel when things aren’t going to be perfect and how that attitude can be very detrimental to your goals.

Today, be aware of your food and drink choices. If you're going to have a beverage, be it alcohol, soft drink, or juice, make sure that that meal that goes with it is a better option. Usually, it is easier to skip the beverage if it's nonalcoholic and it's an easy way to save yourself some calories!