It is unrealistic to think that you are going to have complete control over every aspect of your nutrition forever. There are going to be times that you are not in control over what is served or what is available. It is important, then, that we utilize the habits we have created thus far to our advantage when we do have control. For example, if you are going to cook dinner at home, perhaps you choose not to make pizza and, instead, make something like chicken and vegetables. That way, when you go out and the only option available is pizza, you are able to enjoy it.  It’s not as big of a deal because you’ve been consistent in sticking to your goals when you cook at home. If you get into the habit of cooking less desirable options at home, it leaves less room for the unexpected and uncontrollable.

Today, I want you to come up with a list of some of your favorite meals to cook that perhaps aren't the healthiest or best option based on what you've learned in the past two months. Then, think of some alternative meals you could prepare instead so that you have more flexibility when you're not in control or cooking yourself.