Here we go! Get ready for month 3 of your Spindle nutrition program! I hope that you have gotten some good tips and have made at least some of the progress you’ve been looking for. In this final month, we are going to focus on the long-term effects of the habits you've created. I have never been a believer in telling anyone exactly what to do when it comes to making nutritional changes. The reason is because, once I’m not constantly telling you what to do, those changes won’t last.  At the end of this month, my goal is to have you feel completely confident in your ability to utilize the skills and knowledge that you've learned in this program as you continue forward in your life.

One of the hardest things in maintaining a good nutrition lifestyle is managing your relationships with other people. Hopefully, a few weeks ago, you had a crucial conversation with one or more people in your life regarding your decision to change your nutrition habits. You'll need to continue to have that supportive relationship in order to be successful moving forward. Sometimes, when we are looking to make changes, it can be easier to avoid social situations because they are difficult. But you can't continue to avoid hard situations for the rest your life! What a lonely life! Today, think about the areas of your life that you might have been avoiding the past two months. Perhaps you didn't go out with your friends as often, didn't have date night, or drastically changed another difficult area of your life. Make a list of what those things are. Then, think about ways that you can still enjoy being in those situations while still keeping on track toward your goals.