In the last couple days, we’ve talked about what "real food" is and have determined that processed foods are not “real foods.” There are some foods, though, that might not seem processed but actually are. A “Kind Bar” is a perfect example. You can visibly see the whole nut, seed, and fruit that is in the bar. They look like they've been untouched and, therefore, unprocessed. But, because those real foods were put together in a bar, they are now considered processed.  The manufacturer has added sugar and other things to make it taste good and stick together. So, you are better off just having the nuts that are in that bar versus the bar itself.

Today, let's be active on the nutrition Facebook page! I would like each of you to go on and either ask a question to your peers about whether or not something is real, or share a discovery that you've made over the past couple of days. Perhaps a stable part of your diet has been processed and you were not previously aware of it!