How did it go yesterday in discovering the “why” behind your eating habits? Hopefully, you recognized new things about yourself that will assist you as we move forward. Maybe you knew the exact answers before you even asked them. If this is you, way to go champ!

Now that we’ve brought awareness to your eating behaviors and emotions, we can take a closer look at why that might be the case. Today, we’re going to talk about influences in developing our eating habits.

Our parents make a huge impact on our behavior in all areas of life, including nutrition. When we are born, we rely solely on what our parents feed us. Not much of an issue when you're an infant, but it can really shape you throughout your childhood and as you become an adult. When you were a child, most of the time, you were unable to choose what you ate, when you ate it, or how you ate. Our parents probably told us, “it's lunchtime or dinner time”, and that's when we ate. We might have grown up in a household that had a lot of snacks or in a household that had almost no junk food. (When I grew up, there was never any junk in the house. Sometime, I can tell you the story about how that still affects me to this day. It might surprise you that it actually had a negative effect). In each case though, your parents had a large control over your nutrition and eating habits.

While your parents might be the biggest influence on your eating behaviors, there are other things around you that are also probably affecting how you eat. Today, think about all the different influences and the impact they’ve had on your life. Sometimes, just discovering how you developed the behaviors can go along way towards helping you create better ones. Just as I've instructed you not to place judgment on yourself during this course, don't blame your parents for the way that you are! They did the best they could.

See you tomorrow!