Happy Thankgiving! Today, like we talked about in your supplemental email, just try to do your best in what can be a very difficult situation. And remember, you only need to be a little bit better than your were last year and you have done your job! Just in case you missed the email on Tuesday, I pasted it below for you again as a reminder!



Hey Spindle Nutitioner!

With Thanksgiving coming up in a couple days, I wanted to give you some extra support should you need it during what can be a very difficult day eating-wise for many people. Maybe you have already figured out how you are going to nail this holiday, but if not, here are some things to think about over the next couple of days. 

Today's focus was on being just a little bit better each day on whatever it is that you are working on. Let's take this opportunity to be just a little bit better this Thanksgiving than you were last year. The little things add up so be proud and congratulate yourself if you are able to accomplish this task. Some of the pitfalls people experience on this holiday are: second and third helpings, more dessert than usual, snacking and grazing on left-overs, and eating much past the times that they are full. This year, pick one of two of these things to be a little bit better at. Maybe last year you had a full serving of each dessert on the table and this year you are going to just have a little taste of each that maybe equals up to that full dessert serving. Maybe you decide that instead of two full helpings of dinner, you are going to take a smaller portion each time so you can still feel like you are indulging without having two dinners in the same night. Whatever it is you choose to do, remember that even just a small thing can make all the difference!

Tomorrow's lesson is about social support and how the people around you can have both a positive and negative effect on your ability to work toward your goals. After you read that lesson, think about if there is any person or people you want to talk to before Thanksgiving dinner about your goals and ask them to help support you ijn whatever it is you decided you were going to be better at this year. It might be too soon for you to have those conversations too, so if you don't feel ready don't worry! Sometimes just anticipating those people who might challenge you or support you is a step in the right direction! 

A lot of information has been thrown at you on a particularly tough week of the year so see if you can allow a little extra time to dedicate to figuring out a plan so that you can kill it on Thursday! As always, post on the Spindle Nutrition facebook page if you need any extra support!


Happy Thanksgiving!