Yesterday, I asked you to look back at past assignments and lessons to determine your struggling points and areas that you can do better. Evaluate whether you have been too hard on yourself about your performance or haven't given yourself enough credit! Chances are that it could be one or the other and it is crucial to be honest with yourself about both the joys and shortcomings of your journey

A few times throughout this course, we have talked about aiming to be just a little bit better each day. Examine the areas of struggle that you identified yesterday. Your goal for the remainder of this course (and hopefully moving forward after the course) is to make one small, minute change for the better each day. For a while, you might find that those things are nutrition related, but they can also be related to other aspects of your life.  Maybe improvement is that you gave more effort in your workout today than you did yesterday. Or that you spent a little more time with your children today than yesterday. Anything that you do to make yourself a little bit better each day can go a long way as it adds up over time.

As always, remember to be compassionate to yourself with regard to your ability to do this. Inevitably there will be setbacks or days that you feel you didn't do your best. And that's absolutely okay! If we have the mentality of trying to be a little bit better each day, the days where we might not feel that we didn’t do as well should be fewer and far between.