How did things go yesterday with focusing on your emotions in relation to eating? Did you discover anything new about yourself? This whole month, we are focusing on bringing awareness to your behaviors. So, if it seems like we haven't made any real changes yet, that's okay! Don't worry, we'll get there.

Today, I'm going to ask you to focus on the “why” part of your eating. We'll talk more in detail in future weeks about how your body plays a role in this. For now, think about what causes you to pick up a fork. Is it because you're hungry? Bored? Because of the time of day? Because of the people you're with? There are many possible reasons that somebody might eat. Discover what those things are for you. You might find that it depends on the situation. Also, chances are that what drives you to eat isn’t the same every single time. Keep awareness on the emotions and ask, “Why?” today.