How successful have you been feeling the last couple days in becoming more aware of what you are eating? As we continue learning new things, don’t forget the old habits.  We are going to move on to emotions today, but still continue to be aware of your eating.

Much of this course focuses on the psychology behind nutrition and eating. Oftentimes, problems that people have with eating are not actually about the food itself, but more about the behavior around eating. Emotions play an important role and it’s helpful to analyze them in regards to eating habits. What drives you to eat? Do you eat when you're upset, stressed, sad, annoyed? People have all kinds of emotions attached to what they eat, how they eat, and when they eat. It's important to be aware of what those differences are. That way, we can use the positive emotions for positive change and bring more awareness to the emotions that might be hindering your goals.

Today, while continuing awareness of what you’re eating, consider the emotions that you're feeling as you eat. It might even be helpful to write these down. Again, I cannot stress the importance of being non-judgmental.

See you tomorrow!