Food logging is something that I'm going to ask you to do every day moving forward throughout the remainder of this course. Is this something you need to do forever? Maybe, maybe not. Hopefully, you start to learn what the correct portions are of the foods you typically eat and, what would have been logging, starts to become more subconscious. Everything else builds on food logging, so make sure that it’s a priority.

It is easy to get bogged down in the little details surrounding nutrition. Breaking food down to grams of protein, carbohydrate, and fat can be very overwhelming and, truthfully, not very helpful. We eat foods that include macronutrients but don’t eat the macronutrients themselves. So, for practical reasons, it is often easier to address (what we're gonna call) the big fires.

Here is a really good visual that I learned from previous nutrition training: “We're not going to mow the lawn while the house is on fire”. Relating this directly to nutrition might look like: “We're not going to focus on how many grams of carbohydrates are in a slice of pizza if we've eaten pizza for three meals that day.” The house that's on fire is the eating pizza for every meal and mowing the lawn is the grams of carbohydrate in that pizza. This is a very drastic example, of course, but we can draw parallels. If we focus on addressing the big fire of eating pizza for three meals a day, all of the smaller details will fall in line accordingly.

Your task for today is to review your food logs from the beginning, including what you’ve eaten today. Look for those big fires. Here’s another way that you can think about things: Ask yourself, “what meal did I eat today that has drastically more calories than I would've expected?” Perhaps you thought you had a balanced meal of pasta with alfredo sauce and chicken. We can look at this meal and say that we had our carbohydrates (pasta), fat (alfredo sauce), and protein (chicken). Sounds like a very balanced meal, right? Breaking it down like that, yes it does. However, eating a meal of chicken alfredo could be upwards of 1500 calories. Even though I told you not to focus on calories, that’s just an example for you to see how that meal might not be the majority of the calories you would want in a given day.

Look for those big fires and write them down. Again don't judge yourself for the big fires but just know what they are so we can work on them!