Yesterday, I hope that you were able to set up a system that will work well for you to log food. Today, we get to take that plan and put it into action. Write down everything that you eat and drink today. Literally any food or drink that enters your mouth, write it down. It is also important to provide portions. If you're using an app such as MyFitnessPal, you may need to use more standard measurements like weight or cups. Do the best that you can at estimating these things; there’s no need to bogged down in trying to be perfectly precise.

If you are writing things down, you can use weight/cups or you can also use other practical measuring guidelines.  Some general ones are: a serving of protein is roughly the size of your palm, a serving of fat  is the size of your thumb, and a serving of grains about the size of a closed fist. Whatever you decide to use, it's very important that you take some kind of measurement of the food that you’re eating. When we go back to look at things in more detail, we don’t want to have to try and remember portions. Writing “Steak” is different than writing “16oz Porterhouse Steak”

Be sure that you record every single thing - it’s a very important part of this process. If you are ashamed of logging that you ate a cookie, please remember that we are approaching ourselves and one another with a nonjudgmental attitude. Writing down that you ate that cookie is going to help you be more successful later on rather than ignoring it. Be honest with yourself and you will succeed!