How did things go yesterday? Were you able to discover anything new about your eating behaviors that you didn't already know? Changing behaviors takes time, so if you weren’t able to perform to your best yesterday, don’t worry! There is always time to get better.

Today, continue to maintain awareness of what you’re eating. Try to be a little bit better than you were yesterday. If thinking about what you're eating is something that's new to you, you may have found that sometimes you thought about what you were eating and, other times, you didn't. Perhaps, midway through your meal, you realized that you weren't thinking about what you were eating when you started the meal. That’s a really good thing though! Because, in that moment, you’d be able to bring awareness to something that didn’t previously have it. That’s still a big step!

Continue with the awareness discovery so that we start building it into a habit. Again, be sure not to judge yourself if you are not perfect at this skill yet. It's going to take time and that's okay!

See you tomorrow.