I've given you a lot of skills and things to focus on throughout the last couple of weeks. Weekends can be a source of great anxiety and great challenge for many people. Usually we have more social obligations on the weekends and the people around us can be more influential about when, what and how we eat.

Take time today to reinforce the habits that we've been working on this week and prepare for challenging situations that may come this weekend. Perhaps you and a friend are going to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant. You can imagine how difficult this situation might be for you to practice the skills we've been working on. Does this mean that you tell your friend who has been excited for this for weeks that you can't go? Of course not. But it will serve you well to take time and think beforehand about how you are going to work on your habits at this meal. Maybe you give yourself an allotment for the amount of sushi that you will eat. Or perhaps you take your time in between every bite and make sure that you are hungry enough for the next bite. There is no right or wrong answer but being prepared for difficult situations is gonna make you a master at overcoming them!