The last couple of days we talked about feelings of hunger and satiety. We're gonna talk today about how we can miss these signals if we eat while we're distracted. In this fast-paced and multi-tasking world, many of us are doing other things while we eat. The problem with this is that we cannot be as aware as we need to be in recognizing those hunger and satiety signals.

Today, make an effort to not do anything else while you are eating. This also includes snacks. Use the awareness skills that we’ve been building over the last couple of weeks to recognize distractions and remove them. This skill might take some time. Especially if you are somebody who almost always is doing something else while you eat. Also, multi-tasking does not necessarily mean doing something with your hands or an active activity. It can mean anything that takes your attention away from eating, even things like watching TV or reading a book. Believe me, it is possible to do this but it will take some time to completely separate eating from the rest of your activities.