Last week, we focused on the pace at which we eat. I hope that you were able to acquire some new skills to help you to become a slower eater.

But why is pace so important? The main reason is that the body has built-in mechanisms that tell you when to eat and when to stop. These signals are animalistic and are in place in order to keep the body in balance. When food enters your mouth, it takes time for it to get to the stomach and for your stomach to realize that there is something there. If we eat too quickly, the food hasn't had the opportunity to get to our stomachs and, therefore, can’t give us the proper satiety signal.

This week, we will focus on trying to stop eating when we are no longer hungry as opposed to stopping when we are full. This might seem like the two are the same thing; however, by teaching ourselves to stop eating before we are actually full, we can begin to utilize the body’s tools to our advantage!