How did you do tracking the length of your meals yesterday? Hopefully, you were able to get a starting point even if there were a lot of variances from meal to meal. Today, I am going to give you some strategies on how to eat more slowly. Please try to incorporate some of the strategies even if, as you look back on your notes, you feel like you did a very good job of eating slowly yesterday. Eating more slowly can only help you, not hurt you, so you might as well try and be a little bit better at it!

Eating slowly can be a challenge but using some of these skills might help you. First, try putting your eating utensil down in between each bite. Then taste and feel the food in your mouth and enjoy it! If you have a fork in your hand while you're chewing, you're probably preparing for the next bite to be taken as soon as you swallow the previous. Preparing the next forkful after you are done chewing and swallowing will slow down the pace. Another skill that might work for you is to count the number of times that you chew. This particular habit might seem a little silly, but it really does work for some people. Try to avoid having a lot of distractions while you eat so that you can have more mindfulness of this habit.

Today, try some of these strategies or any other tricks you can think of. Record how long it takes you to eat each meal and snack. At the end of the day, compare these times to yesterday's numbers and come back tomorrow for more!