Day 1- General Awareness.jpg

One of the best ways to start making changes in your behavior is to bring more awareness to those habits you want to change.  Throughout this course, you'll discover a lot about your nutritional habits and how they are affecting your ability to proceed toward your goals. Then, we will work to create new and more helpful behaviors that will eventually replace the old ones.

Another important thing that we will discuss throughout is making sure that we approach each step and discovery in a very nonjudgmental way. Placing judgment on the things that you are currently doing won’t get you very far in the pursuit of your goals.

For today, simply try to be aware of what it is you're eating. Don’t worry about making any changes right now. Just think about the things that you were eating, note them, and then store them in the back of your mind. We will talk about how to address all of these later.

See you tomorrow!