Spindle's flagship is a smart approach to training. We value great programming and personalized solutions. We advocate coaching and hands-on attention, while providing flexibility and empowering our clients. As a result, we offer a training experience that is more intellectually stimulating and professionally sustainable. Sound like an environment you want to work in?

We are looking for great people to be part of our team as we continue to grow.


At Spindle, you can expect:

  • Mentorship from educated and experienced professionals

  • An environment centered on service and education

  • A community of supportive and inspiring staff and members

  • A unique job in the training industry that leverages each individual's skill set


Applicant Requirements:

  • Excellent customer service skills

  • Dedication to continued education

  • Outgoing and friendly personality

  • Ability to adapt to a changing environment

  • Personality to work in a start up environment


We are looking for the following positions:

Spindle Technician (Afternoon & Evenings Required)

The Spindle Technician is our trainer who guides each member through the execution of the personalized programming we have created for them at Spindle.

The position entails an on-boarding process of:

  • Learning how to set up, coach and cue various exercises
  • Shadowing other professionals, getting first hand experience with a large member base
  • Training on service skills and how to deliver the Spindle experience

The goal of the on-boarding process is to get you prepared to run the floor on your own. This process can take anywhere from 3 weeks to many months depending on the experience and dedication of each person. Once on the floor, you are responsible for all member's proper execution of their specific program. In addition to delivering the highest quality of service, you will be responsible for various other smaller functions to help our operation.

The ability to deliver as a technician will open the door for future opportunities with a quickly growing company. We typically start our Technicians out between 15-25 hours per week with the intention of offering full time positions for deserving candidates. Our people are our company. We are open to different set ups for the right person.

Other requirements:

  • Personal Training Certification

  • CPR & AED Certification

If you feel like this could be the opportunity for you, please send an application with a cover letter to info@spindlefitness.com