This is an introduction to a series of blog posts called ‘Women in the Weight Room’.  I want to personally thank one of our Spindle members, Christine Cummings, for the origin of this article series!

There’s a very special vibe spreading around Spindle lately.  It’s not summer and it’s not sweat. It’s the presence of hard work and effort that our female members are putting into their strength training programs. In years past, lifting weights was considered more of a men’s activity. Things are changing and there are plenty of women here at Spindle showing everyone this is simply not true.

The Uplifting Nature of Women and Weights

Over our 1.5 years of existence, Spindle has added member after member who want to make changes and find a way towards their specific health goals. Along the way, we have built up a cadre of women who strive to be strong, consistently progress in their programs, and are committed to making themselves better.  The cool part? It’s becoming contagious.  On any one day, you will see a handful of women picking up hundreds of pounds on barbells, swinging 50+ lbs. kettlebells, and doing full bodyweight pull-ups… All while enjoying each other’s company.

Amelia & Stephanie, two badasses. Scott is in there too!   

Amelia & Stephanie, two badasses. Scott is in there too!


When I am on the floor coaching our members, I can see the immediate impact of the surrounding people.  It is inspiring when you are training next to a woman who hops up on a pull-up bar and cranks out a set of 10 (more on pull-ups in a future post).  It is particularly important for the women are stepping into a training environment focused on weights for the first time. For me, as a 24 year old male athlete, it would be very difficult to say “Okay, Sarah, today we are going to do pull-ups” in a typical gym setting. Most likely, if Sarah were new to training, she would tell me to hit the road. Fortunately, the culture of the Spindle women makes that job much easier as they are SHOWING the way and motivating each other to get better and stronger. 

The Spindle team has many knowledgeable coaches and we understand the importance of strength training. The contagious effect spreading through our female members is special and is driven by the members more than the staff.

With that said, this all started by following the lead of our own head coaches, Leah and Christine.  Stop by Spindle and you will most likely see them passing on their training advice to their private clients, our staff or the rest of our members.  If you are even luckier, you may see them practicing what they preach.  They are in the facility improving their movement, their strength, their fitness and their health every day.  They are also in there making all these fierce grunting noi.. excuse me, being great examples of why strength training as a woman can be so beneficial. 

3 Reasons for Why Women Should Strength Train

And lastly, I keep talking about ‘the way’ without much description.  Well, the way is speaking on why we want more women strength training and receiving the benefits of it! Here are some of my favorite reasons why women should strength train:

Christine on her way to winning the fall 2015 Tactical Strength Challenge!   

Christine on her way to winning the fall 2015 Tactical Strength Challenge!


1)   Positive Effects on Mind - Empowerment: You will be more self-confident. Do you know how great it feels when you lift a personal record after all the hard work and time you have put in? 

2)   Positive Effects on Body – On the Inside: Your muscles grow, your hormonal regulation improves, your central nervous system learns how to recruit more muscle fibers on demand and your body becomes more resilient to external physical stress. Do you know how great it feels when everyone in the office is sick and you are the only one able to fend it off?

3)   Positive Effects on Body – On the Outside: You will be far more capable in your daily life. You can perform tasks more easily like lifting your child without strain, carrying more groceries, pushing the lawnmower, or attacking anything you encounter on a daily basis.  Do you know how great it feels to when you can pick up that large and clunky garden pot of yours without any help or hurt? 

Stay tuned for more. This is an introduction to a series of blog posts called ‘Women in the Weight Room’.

Thank you to everyone out there getting after it. Thank you for showing the way. And remember, you are not only helping yourself but also those around you.