Heading into the new year, you’re probably hard at work on those resolutions. Healthy eating and exercise top most people’s lists year after year. If you’re reading this, you may be shopping around for a new gym, class, or a new program so you’re ready and rarin’ to go once the clock strikes midnight. (Well, maybe after you recover from all the champagne.) For our members, maybe your thinking about the direction of your program or how you can kick it up a notch in 2018.


That initial motivation boost that comes with the new year can lead to great things and new habits. Unfortunately sometimes your resolution falls by the wayside after a few gung-ho weeks. So, why do we sometimes fail to keep our resolution and how can we maintain that New Year’s spark year-round?


While no one wants to lose that initial spark, the reality is that people do sometimes fall off after starting the year strong. One common reason people fall off after a few weeks is the tendency to hold unrealistic expectations about their progress or weight loss goals. If you’re starting something new, you might not feel changes in your abilities until the sixth week or later. Big weight loss goals take even longer — maybe six months to a year — even when you’re doing all the right things. Also, if you try to jump into something that’s too intense too soon, you might be too sore to keep to your schedule, or cause an injury that might derail your entire fitness commitment.


All of these situations really suck, which is why we try to have a conversation with new members that outlines realistic expectations and how to continue the motivation by building Spindle into your new, healthy routine. We make it so easy to succeed at Spindle; all you have to do is show up two or three times a week. Your program is already ready and waiting for you - you just have to walk through the door.


That brings us to how you can fulfill your resolutions at Spindle. Success comes in many forms, and here are common threads among our most accomplished Spindlers:


  • Committing to process goals rather than end results. This means focusing on showing up and executing instead of every pound lost or weight increased.

  • Finding a training schedule and exercise options that are appropriate for their fitness levels.

  • Showing up two to three times a week, sticking to that routine for six weeks or more, and then looking back and seeing the difference from point A to their current level.

  • Immersing themselves in the fun community vibe we create — whether that be talking to the trainers, other members, or both, members feel a sense of belonging.


So, once you’re in here regularly and start seeing results, how do you keep it going past those initial weeks? No one starts with the intention of only exercising a few weeks...


By the sixth week of training, you’ve probably identified some exercise-related goals that are achievable. Maybe you’ve also figured out what kinds of things you like and dislike in your training. If you find yourself here, you are off to a great start! Communicating with your trainer about what excites you about your training, as well as focusing on the things that you want to get better at will help leverage your initial motivation to get real, long-term results. This is how those magical transformations happen.


Continued long term success at Spindle is all about staying motivated. The best way to do that is:


  • Building competence in your training abilities - something we can guarantee will happen training with us.

  • Having autonomy - while your training is designed and guided by our trainers,  the program in your hands, under your influence, and done on your schedule.

  • Feel like you belong to our community.


We do our best to give every members this experience because we know that keeps them showing up, and showing up is all it takes to turn your New Year’s resolution into a real habit.