Food is fuel for our bodies. Eating veggies and real proteins make us feel good. Eating a whole pizza does not. Food is also not a reward, it is a necessity.  “Well, I did really well with my diet and exercise  yesterday, so this pint of ice cream and bag of cookies is OK, I’ve earned it!” NO! You haven’t earned it. If you want a treat, then have it, but do not use food as a means of rewarding yourself.. Exercise is not punishment. It is something your body needs to be healthy and feel great. We need to start shifting the way we look at these two things and start treating our bodies right! Food is delicious. It can also be nutritious. If we start to think of our food as fuel, and focus on the things that will nourish our tired bodies, we may find that we feel better and start to crave those veggies and real food more.

Exercise is good for us, period. It is good for our heart, bones, muscles, lungs, brains… everything! Your body is the only one you get so, we should look at exercising as a form of nourishment and self-care. You don’t need to kill yourself every workout trying to burn those extra calories.  You don’t need to force yourself to go run if you hate running. (I hate running) “I need to run because I was bad this weekend.” NO! It should not a punishment; exercising should be an enjoyable (mostly enjoyable at least) experience which leaves you feeling GOOD when you’ve finished. (No Pleasure, No Treasure) Consistency is key here. If you move your body, it will feel good. If you only have 20 minutes, don’t skip a workout. You can use that day for mobility, or do a shorter metabolic program. It’s OK! Just move your body. Every workout does not have to be extremely grueling or intense. Some days, you’ll have a lot of energy, others, you won’t. That is ok.  No need to force yourself to do something that you’re not up for that day. You are taking care of yourself every time you move and you are making a difference in your overall health. Each time you exercise, your brain releases positive endorphins which leaves your mind and body happier than before you started. That should be reason enough to move a bit each day!

So let’s embrace the whole New Year thing with choosing to take care of our bodies. Eating healthy and exercising will help to make a healthier, happier, (maybe thinner, or stronger too!) you! Let’s look at these as positives instead of punishments/rewards. Happy New Year, Happy New You!