Greetings strong people!

Todays movement focus is the Kettlebell Swing, also known as “the athlete building fat-burner.”

The Swing had a long history in Russia before it was transported to the United States by ex-Russian Special Forces trainer Pavel Tsatsouline. Upon arrival it became an essential tool in the fitness world for it’s versatility and utility. 

Some benefits of the Kettlebell Swing:

-Fat loss. In Dan John’s book Intervention, he quotes a study from the American Council on Exercise Research, “We know the kettlebell swing actually is the best fat loss movement there is.” and “Kettlebell workouts burn 20.2 calories per minute. That’s double Spinning (9.8 calories per minute) and that’s double traditional boot camp workouts (9.9 calories per minute)."

-Athleticism. As anyone who practices Swings can tell you, learning the Swing is tricky. Thats why we safely teach them in a workshop or one-on-one setting. The benefit of the Swing’s complexity is that with expert coaching it increases body awareness and coordination.

-Explosiveness. The Kettlebell Swing is a ballistic movement, meaning the body is changing direction quickly and generating vast amounts of force. For comprehensive health and fitness it is important for the body to be “put through its paces” so to speak; the Swing balances out slower movements like the Turkish Get Up or Deadlift. 

-Never ending learning. There is no perfect swing! Professional kettlebell practitioners talk about “training” or “practicing” their swing, as opposed to “working out”. There is always some way to improve this incredible movement. 

Haven’t learned to swing yet? Attend a workshop (Click Here to sign up for our July 30th event) or ask to schedule a one-on-one session to learn this life changing movement.