Hello fierce Spindler animals. 

Today is the first in our Movement Focus articles, a series of blog posts devoted to specific movements we use in our exercise library to make people stronger, fitter, and, in general, more awesome and beastly. 

The first is my personal favorite, the mighty leopard crawl. 

Crawling, even Baby Crawling, has an incredible array of benefits and is therefore my answer to the question “If you could choose any one exercise…”

Our resident leopard, Nick, crawls around the facility all day long.

Our resident leopard, Nick, crawls around the facility all day long.

Here are some of my favorite things about crawling:

-Total body exercise. Whether your knees are on the ground or off of it, crawling works the core, back, hips, legs, feet, shoulders, arms and hands

-All aspects. Crawling develops all aspects of fitness: strength, joint mobility and stability, physical and mental endurance

-Better movement quality. Crawling increases your overall movement quality by honing efficient movement, thereby decreasing risk of injury

-Posture building. Crawling stimulates optimal posture, which is especially important in a deskbound, slumped over world

-Floorness. Crawling gets you on and off the floor, which has numerous benefits in and of itself (see [link to The Floor is Your Friend)

Next time you prowl the savannah of the fitness wilderness that is Spindle Fitness, think of all the wonderful attributes you are developing. And smile! Like the fierce human leopard you are.